Bam!! Forensics!! Don’t mess around with these future crime fighters!

Let’s Stir Fry

For Teen Cuisine the kids tried their hand at Pork Stir Fry. They also made fresh fruit salad with hand whipped fresh whipped cream. It took 4 kids taking turns to bring the whipped cream to the right consistency but they had a great time creating all of it!

Lets Cook!! In our new oven!

Earlier this month our friends at Northwest Community Credit Union presented us with a brand new convection oven for our Teen Cuisine program! Thank you so very much NWCU! Now lets get cooking!

Pumpkin Time!!!

The kids had a great time carving and painting pumpkins.

Thank you again to Mark Brosi for the pumpkins which were generously donated to us by Brosi Sugar Tree Farms.

The pumpkins were judged as usual by our amazing seniors from the Winston Dillard Senior Center.


Aerodynamics and fresh air! Great combo for a fun STEM project!

Slimy Polymers!

Are they making a huge mess or a science experiment? Both!! They are making bouncy balls and learning what a polymer is.

Mod Podge It!

1of 7 creations we made yesterday. It was a fun fall Mod Podge project!

Comfort Food

Our chefs are making White Chicken Chili and homemade cornbread today. They were able to use fresh eggs from our chickens and onions from the garden for these recipes. It smells soooo good!!!!

Game Time With Friends

Future entrepreneurs! ?? Great game and a great way to be social!

Critter Care

Critters need lots of care and our kids rise to the challenge daily. Great job guys! Our critters are happy and healthy.