How strong is a piece of paper? Pretty strong when you ENGINEER it right!

Chicken Maintenance!

Did some wing clipping on a wayward Tuesday Loo with help from an amazing assistant.


Getting props ready for The Greatest Show

Christmas Party Fun!!

Bingo and magic!! So much fun!

Sweet Santa Strawberries with delicious Ham and Cheese Sliders

The kids made some deliciousness for Christmas Teen Cuisine. Look at the concentration going on here!!

Teens Can Act…and dance!!!

Barbecue Turkey and Sweet Potato Fries with cinnamon

The kids were split on the fries but everyone tried some and everything turned out great!


Our teens are practicing song and dance for The Greatest Show. What a great group of actors.

Engineers in Training

Having fun building with some very basic supplies and a little ingenuity!

Teens Can Act!

Practicing the songs for The Greatest Show. Doing a little choreography too ?