Check Out Our Virtual Teen Center!

Pumpkin Picture

Fall is already upon us and school is back in session! The Teen Center is still closed at this time, but we’ve started our new Virtual Teen Center using the chat app Discord. The Virtual Teen Center will be our place to hang out, chat, and enjoy our many fun programs from the comfort of your computer, phone, or tablet! We are running special programs such as a scavenger hunt, photography, crafts, and cooking, Monday-Thursday from 3:00-4:00. The Virtual Teen Center will be available from September 21st-October 15th.

The Virtual Teen Center is a members-only space for community youth in grades 7-12, and between ages 12 to 18. Membership is completely free. Becoming a member of the Teen Center is easy! Simply read our member handbook, then fill out a membership application. You can email your completed application to, or drop it off at the Winston Community Center Library.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment!

Had a visitor again today! I put that girl to work! Can’t have the weeds choking out our veggies! She did a great job! I promised her some jalapeños when they are ready! 🌶🌶🌶 All social distancing guidelines were followed 😷😷😷

Chicken Husbandry

These two beauties right here not only provide us with yummy eggs daily but a great fertilizer 😉 for our ever growing Winston Teen Center Learning Garden!

Our Kids Rock

As I spend time at the community center in my two different offices, I continue to run into our local and teen center youth. It is so good to see them!
Today a couple of them were caught volunteering for our Winston branch library. I had to capture the moment. Great job guys!
Many of them still utilize the community center, library and surrounding park as a safe space to hang out.
Can’t wait to have them back at the Winston Teen Center again. ❤

Swimming, swimming, swimming!

Oh ya know…just chilling with these guys in the Teen Center.
They are looking forward to seeing the kids back on the other side of the glass so they have something to look at <3

Garden Update

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, look at our garden grow! I sure hate to trim back the overgrown herbs mostly because they look so cool from the road and the bees are just loving them. If you look close enough you can see our little honey bees and bumblebees.


Science is sweet! And salty when you accidentally get your rock salt in your homemade ice cream. Such a fun experiment!


The play/fundraising event was a great success! Thank you to those that contributed to that success and those that supported it. We could not do it without you all! The kids were amazing as usual and I hope to have more pictures to share in a few days.


Making fake snow for STEM. It is a great hands on experiment.


The kids are learning how to use their new Y.E.S. cash register. They use it in the teen center through the week, on Fridays for the Winston Dillard Senior Center concessions and when they take part in a special event. Youth Entrepreneur Success!!