Winston Teen Center Learning Garden

Welcome to our Learning Garden, the gardening club where youth are able to explore their creative side in designing their own garden. They also use it to learn more about healthy food alternatives and as a fun Science platform.

Mentoring opportunities abound while working alongside youth. Children involved with gardens benefit educationally in areas of the sciences, math, engineering and social studies. Gardening also fosters a sense of well being. It teaches responsibility and community service with the added bonus of children who help grow their own food are more likely to make healthy eating choices and grow physically fit.

With a generous grant in 2016 from the Partners For A Hunger Free Oregon, we were able to turn a vacant, weedy, eye sore space next to the Teen Center in to a beautifully productive Teen Center Learning Garden.  The Teen Center Learning Garden is going strong and producing fruits/vegetables that the kids are able to enjoy while they expand their repertoire of nutritional choices.  During our summer program we are able to pick  different colors of fruits/vegetables to prepare tasting tables  where youth learn what nutritional benefits those particular “colors” have to offer.  Herbs & vegetables grown in the garden are also incorporated into our culinary skills program.  A special shout out to our local Winston Rainbow Garden Club for their generous support of our garden program!

To become involved in the Teen Center Learning Garden please contact teen center staff at 541-784-2076 or email