Science is sweet! And salty when you accidentally get your rock salt in your homemade ice cream. Such a fun experiment!


The play/fundraising event was a great success! Thank you to those that contributed to that success and those that supported it. We could not do it without you all! The kids were amazing as usual and I hope to have more pictures to share in a few days.


Making fake snow for STEM. It is a great hands on experiment.


The kids are learning how to use their new Y.E.S. cash register. They use it in the teen center through the week, on Fridays for the Winston Dillard Senior Center concessions and when they take part in a special event. Youth Entrepreneur Success!!


Taking pictures yesterday with one of the teen center kids was fun and interesting. I think we will be doing photography in the near future.


While taking care of the resident lizard the kids are learning about cricket care too! Add a little gut load and you have happy crickets. That is until bamm! They get munched!!


Learning how to code with Python which is a basic programming language. After learning how to use Python the kids will be expanding their knowledge and learn how to build a turtle race game.

Feeding Time!

The kids love watching Pascal munch his crickets!


What goes up must come down! Parachutes and paratroopers!

Guitar time!

Love listening to the sounds of the kids practicing and picking!