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Fun in the sun!

Winston Teen Center Rummage Sale Fundraiser

Learning Garden Club

The Wizard of Oz



Y.E.S. goes Laser!!

Had an amazing time at Putters in Eugene with our Y.E.S. kids yesterday! We played Laser Tag. They all earned enough points to go on this trip. It was a blast!! Great job Y.E.S.!

Got Pool?

6-22-18 Pool tournament winners! Great job guys!

Teen Center Conversation of the Day; Left Brain/Right Brain Fact or Myth?

Today at the teen center we discussed how labeling people left brain/right brain can have a lasting damaging effect. By putting them in a box and telling them they are only good at one thing or another hinders and keeps them from branching out and learning something that may challenge them.

Learning Garden and Sunshine Time

Spending a little time in the Learning Garden on this glorious Thursday afternoon.

Cajun Shrimp Anyone?

Cajun Shrimp for Teen Cuisine! Delicious!